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Prize: See-n-Store Stroller Organizer

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I have another great company to share with you! Have you ever been out and about and your child asked for your tablet, or starts to get fussy and you don't want to let them hold it for fear of them dropping and breaking it? I know I have a million times! I don't mind letting Ari watch movies and her shows on my tablet while we are out and about but I don't have a protective case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.2 yet (I know! Bad mommy!) So I tend to tell her that the battery is dead or just that she can't play with it.

Baby Bee-Haven has solved this problem for me!! They came out with a stroller organizer that fits most tablets! So Ari can sit in her stroller and I can put my tablet securely in the organizer and she can still play with it and I don't have to worry! Plus it has a ton of handy pockets and even a place to put a bottle and any trash we might have! I love that it fits most strollers as well so you can use it anywhere! Look for my full review coming soon! For now you can enter to win your own to try out!

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