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  Here’s a little about us: we’re two moms on a mission! We set out to create delicious snack foods that are the answer to everyone’s growing concerns about the food supply. We wanted to offer people something that puts a big smile on their faces, but that doesn’t contain any “junk,” like high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors & flavors, etc. We’re big believers in choosing organic and non-GMO verified products because what you eat really matters! Originally, we had kids in mind, but we quickly realized that Tasty Brand is for everyone! After all, who doesn't like gummies & cookies? So, go ahead … treat yourself to TASTY! Review: I try to feed my kids as healthy as I can. I am trying to go gluten free in my diet and I have worried that my kids will get mad at me when I do. When Tasty Brand sent me their sample pack to review. I was relieved to know that the snacks and cookies were gluten free. They have 2 new goodies they have recently added to their line. tasty cookies My toddler pulled out the Chocolate Layer Cake Sandwich Cookies. Which kid wouldn't, right? To be completely honest I don't like off brand cookies. They don't taste good; and I thought these were going to be the same. To my (pleasant) surprise they were amazing!!! Like I could have eaten the whole bag amazing! They for real, no lie; tasted like I was eating a bite of chocolate cake. The best part is they are good for me (lol). The other new flavor released is Vanilla Cupcake. Another delicious flavor! A must have. New to any Whole Foods store near you. tasty fruit Gummies Organic Fruit Snacks are Gluten-free, all natural nothing artificial. I feel great feeding my kids these fruit snacks because they are so good for them, and they do taste really good. They contain no high fructose corn syrup and are also allergen- free. Tasty Brand makes many flavors of fruit snacks.
  • Organic Wild Berry
  • Smoothie
  • Mixed Fruit
  • Super Fruit
  • Citrus Splash
Tasty Snacks wants to give you a chance to win a sample pack or Organic Snacks!
Giveaway 5/23-5/30 Midnight EST
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