A Book for Each Idea

A Book for Each Idea

Most mornings the alarm goes off and I find myself stumbling through breakfast and early morning traffic. It's a miracle my clothes are not covered in coffee spot designs. Having a child that does not sleep, and another who co-sleeps with us, weekends are usually not much different. Today though was a miracle. Today we all slept three hours past the alarm.

 And then chaos ensued.

 It wasn't the "oh shit!" scramble of mismatched socks and missing car keys, but, those groggy moments as you wake up children who definitely have had their batteries fully recharged. It was a pure miracle that we were dressed and had Saturday chores done by the time my daughter's weekly therapist showed up.

 For those of you who I have child with autism, I would strongly suggest looking into home therapy through your school district. This woman has been a god-send for us. As typical with children on the spectrum my daughter has difficulty transferring skills across environments. Many of the things in her IEP have been accomplished and established at home, while many things she excels with at school we struggle with.

Without wasting any time, we sunk into the couch and into our conversation. We began covering our strategy plan brainstorm for the up coming weeks. Luckily brainstorm sessions are not consider part of the timed control hours so we were able to come up with a good amount of ideas and more ideas in case the original ideas were not successful. By the time we had finished discussing Olivia's first goal a stack of books had been piled by the therapist's feet.

Olivia sat across the coffee table, arms crossed, patiently waiting. I don't think I have ever seen her sit so still.

"A book for each idea"...her eye contact never wavering once as she drew our attention to the pile.

It took awhile for that to click. My mind was on PECs and rewards and environment modifications. It was on iPad apps and fidgets and meltdowns. It was on a million ideas...and as I examined the pile I realized she was not only listening, but also answering us.

After the session ended and the books were read, Olivia and I browsed her book case then headed out. This last week was Banned Book week and I have been more than blessed to have children who love to read. We are trying a new reward. I am a bit weary of this, but, giving it a go. For every task and goal she successfully completes she will be earning a book. I am hoping it will encourage her to meet her goals and not discourage her from reading.

To celebrate Banned Book Week the first pile of books she can earn are banned children's books and classics that we love:

Where The Wild Things Are

Winnie the Pooh

Green Eggs and Ham

 Charlotte's Web

 The Giving Tree

 Captain Underpants

 Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

 The Lorax

Banned Book Week

Banned Book WeekBanned Book WeekBanned Book WeekBanned Book WeekBanned Book WeekBanned Book WeekBanned Book WeekBanned Book Week
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