Frugal Fridays: Repair That Broken Piggy Bank

Frugal Fridays: Repair That Broken Piggy Bank

They say all great stories start with "Once Upon a Time"...

Once upon a time I was a single mom living off of $600 a month...this isn't sounding like an amazing story thus far.

$600 a month, a special needs child, and debt free. Part of it was an amazing support network. But, part of it was also looking for creative solutions.

I have gotten a lot of questions recently about frugal living and budgeting, so I will be doing a short series on how our family does it differently. It seems like it is easy to find blog posts out there telling you how to save money. And for the most part they all say the same thing, live within your budget. There are things that can be done though to make your budget fit your life.

So, what is a budget? How strict does a budget need to be? And how can you save money to do the things you like while staying within that budget?

This series will cover:

Part 1: Budget Basics
Part 2: Slimming the Excess
Part 3: Utilizing Your Free Time
Part 4: How to Network as a Parent
Part 5: How to Reduce Your Bills, Not Your Quality of Life
Part 6: Coupon Basics
Part 7: How to Make Coupons Work for You Without Being Extreme
Part 8: Mobile Apps to Help You Save and Splurge
Part 9: How to Travel Cheap- Mapping Out Your Transportation
Part 10: How to Travel Cheap- Mapping Out Your Stay

I am not going to promise a miracle in a sentence to your budgeting needs. But hopefully this series will get your creative thoughts flowing to get your pig back into recovery.

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