It's Not About Me

It's Not About Me

Lately things in our house have been rough. My marriage is struggling. My daughter is quickly regressing. Stress is high and it has been wearing down all of us...

I promised myself a long time ago to not be one of those parents that yells, so sitting here writing that there has been a lot of yelling happening in my house lately is not something I can easily admit to.

It's hard not to yell when you are being yelled at.

It's hard not to yell when you watch something you have worked on all day be destroyed in 5 seconds flat.

It's hard not to yell when no one will listen to you when you talk.

It's just plain hard not to yell sometimes.

And it's pretty damn easy to make up excuses as to why it happens.

...Then I woke up to this and realized that the reason I decided four years ago to be a parent that does not yell had nothing to do with me. That being a parent is not about me.

peaceful parenting no yelling challenge

So, I am going to go back to square one. I am going to challenge myself to three months of no yelling and peaceful living.

I am going to remind myself daily that parenting is not about me. That my relationships with other people are not about me.

One of my favorite quotes is, "Children are educated by what the adult is and not by their talk" (Carl Jung).

It's time for us to get back on track in this household. It's time for us to once again begin leading by example.

I am going to sketch up some guidelines for a starting point later tonight and have them posted in the morning if the weather permits my internet to work. If you have been practicing peaceful parenting I would love to hear what has worked for you and what hasn't.

If you would like to join me in this challenge I would love to hear your experiences and bounce ideas around with you as we go through this.

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