We are moving!

We Are Moving!

Short post from my phone...first time for everything right?

We are moving over to www.parentingchaos.com

Most of you follow me on a network that isn't going to change (twitter,Facebook, google+, or Pinterest). If you are one of those then no need to do anything! 

However, if you are on my google friend connect, bloglovin, or another RSS feed, tis the season for change. 

This blog will still remain open, my use of it is just going to change. Here you will find blog networking. Whether that be linky (autocorrect almost got me there) parties, giveaway notifications, or other blogging opportunities that I feel pertain to the bloggers I have connected with. 

So, if you want the parenting and lifestyle side of my blog stay tuned. I will connect with each and every one of you on the networks you have connected with me and let you know where I am at :) 

Thanks for your paitence, I truly am going to appreciate it because moving a blog is almost as much work as moving a household. 

Hope you all are having a fabulous week! 
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